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Realm offers 100% fully paid premiums for the employee’s medical, vision, and dental coverage along with a deductible funded Health Saving Account (HSA) to all medical plan participants.

In addition, Realm also offers medical, dental and vision coverage to spouses and dependents; providing a 25% contribution of the spouse’s/dependent’s Medical premium.




Realm values and rewards the hard work and dedication of our employees to make good things happen for others. In appreciation of that dedication, Realm offers a Performance Management Program which includes: Mentoring; Various Training Opportunities, Conference and Seminar Training Budget; Educational Assistance; and a Pay for Performance Bonus Program. As with

all benefits, this benefit may be changed at any time by Realm management (ownership), and employees are subject to eligibility requirements.


Realm truly values open communication between our leadership team and our employees, which is why we have an "Open Door" policy. We encourage a growth mindset and will provide mentoring in your trainings and positions. Realm also provides numerous opportunities to celebrate with our employees. Some of these events include:

* One on One meetings

* Annual Employee Appreciation Dinner

* Monthly coffees with the VP

* Annual Company Picnic for employees and their families



Realm Consulting Inc. wants you to succeed in your position and enrich your career with more knowledge. We offer a vast number of IT training opportunities for our employees to learn and complete in their own time and convenience. Training that requires certification completion and class attendance will be reimbursed by Realm. *Restrictions apply* 




As a full time employee, vacation, holidays, sick, and personal leave are combined for flexible use in an all-inclusive PTO plan. New employees accrue to 27 days per year the first year of employment and 32 days per year thereafter. You are able to rollover 240 hours to next year and “cash out” up to 40 hours that exceed the 240 rollover.


Realm provides a 401k & Profit Share Plan with a non-elective 3% Safe Harbor guaranteed contribution. This plan features both Pre and Post (Roth) Tax Contribution Options. The Profit Share contributions are subject to vesting schedules and Plan Participants are subject to plan eligibility requirements


Realm has established a variety of employee benefit programs designed to assist our employees and eligible dependents in meeting the financial burdens that can result from illness and disability and to help you plan for retirement. Please note that nothing contained in the benefit plans described herein shall not be held or construed to create a promise of employment or future benefits, or a binding contract between Realm and its employees, retirees or their dependents, for benefits or for any other purpose. Realm reserves the exclusive right, power and authority, in its sole and absolute discretion, to administer, apply and interpret the benefit plans described herein, and to decide all matters arising in connection with the operation or administration of such plans.

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